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Multi-layer Principle

Why do we need a multi-layer clothing system?

Why do we need  a multi-layer clothing system?

Among the fans of active lifestyle and extreme travelling there is a concept of multi-layer clothing for changing weather conditions and temperatures. This concept demonstrates that it would be better to put on 2—3 or more lightweight clothing layers, which, when properly combined, guarantee heat preservation, water resistance, and vapor/moisture evacuation. The Outfish collection presents models that meet this principle.

Use the layer guide

Use the layer guide

To choose the extra protection system that suits you right.

This table is indicative only. The choice of garments and their combination depends on weather conditions, type of activities, and your perception of outside temperatures.

Layers system

Слой Base layer

Base layer

This is the first and most important layer - it is in contact with the skin. It largely determines the functionality of the other layers. The task of thermal underwear is to transport moisture away from the skin, preventing hypothermia at low temperatures.

Слой Middle layer

Middle layer

It should be put on top of the base layer and provides thermal insulation. It should continue to transport moisture away from the base layer to the next layer. When selecting garments, the type of the base layer and individual comfort level should be taken into account.

Слой Insulating layer

Insulating layer

The insulating layer garments are worn over the base layer in combination with the models of the middle layer for additional protection and heat preservation in conditions of low and negative temperatures. The insulation layer prolongs the comfort of outdoor activities even at low temperatures. The garments belonging to this layer can sometimes serve as an outer layer in warmer weather.

Слой Outer layer

Outer layer

It is a wind and water-resistant shell; it transports moisture from the inside out, and it is worn on top of all layers or their combination. When choosing a garments type, consider the environment, your activity tempo, and weather conditions.

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